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Mid-Jersey Chinese School provides Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese language education to central New Jersey. Offering classes for children of preschool to high school ages and adults.


Week 23

Calvin Liu

Dear MJCS Families: 

Please note 2016 FASCA enrollment will start and welcome qualified MJCS senior students (age 14-18) to apply. It's great opportunity for our senior students to earn volunteer hours!  Details please come to school cafeteria and contact David Chen.

Our yearbook sponsoring is opened!  If you need the sponsor form, please contact with school administration.  We hope to get as many as sponsors to support our yearbook.  If you know anybody is looking for posting their business advertisements, our yearbook is definitely a great place to be. 

Save The Date!!!  CACA’s Annual Gala is scheduled for March 12, 2016 at the Somerset DoubleTree Hotel.  This will be the biggest party of the school year.  There will be over 200 people in attendance.  This is a great time to meet good people from the other CACA Subgroups.  Babysitting will be available.  Tickets are $75 per person, 6pm – 12am.  Please come to school cafeteria to purchase the ticket by this Saturday.

Don’t forget to check out our school website under “Event”.  We have new activities posting in the school website.

Reminder: Please visit our website for Newsletters, Calendar, Forms and Contact information:

Upcoming MJCS activities

3/12 -- ANJCS Karaoke Contest at Mid-Jersey Chinese School

3/19 & 3/26 – Spring Break - School Closed

Other Outside Events (see bulletin board in Cafetorium for details):

3/6 -- ANJCS Chinese Chess Contest at Princeton Chinese School  9:30AM to 2:00PM

PTO News:

  1. On Saturday, March 5, 2016, MetLife will be presenting a seminar on Tax Strategies for Families at MJCS from 9:30am to 11:30am in Room 406.  The presentation will include an open Q&A session on:

    Retirement 401K Rollover
    Estate Planning
    College Financial Planning

    If you have a question you would like answered during the Q&A Session, you can include it in the “Question for Speaker” section of your signup on Signup Genius and it will be answered by the speaker if time permits. Free on site consultation will be available following the seminar.

    Guest speakers: Carol Lee and Li-Ching Jung of MetLife

    Attendees will receive one PTO credit towards the refund of the PTO deposit.  PTO deposit will be refunded upon completion of the required two credits.
  2. Stop by the PTO desk in the cafeteria to purchase your Shoprite and hMart Giftcards.  PTO receives 5% from the sale of the giftcards. Thank you for your support.
  3. Class photos - Stop by the PTO desk to pick up the orders that were previously placed.
  4. Vendors for this week are:
    Asian Wok
    Happy Family
    Hsui Ling Taiwanese Kitchen
    Freshbite Dumplings – our new vendor will be selling frozen dumplings.  Stop by to sample their dumplings and purchase some to take home.  Pan fried dumplings are also available.

Best Regards

MJCS Administration and PTO




請注意,2016海外青年文化志工培訓班(FASCA)即將開放報名。歡迎本校高年級同學(14 - 18歲)申請報名。 這是很好的機會可以獲得志工時數!詳細資訊請至學校禮堂向David Chen查詢。

本校今年畢業紀念冊的廣告贊助開始了!若您需要申請表請聯絡教務處。期望各位廣邀您知道或認識的店家及廠商為我們的畢業紀念冊提供贊助。 每年的紀念冊是個非常好的方法為各個商家增加銷售和名氣!    

請和我們一起慶祝中美文化協會週年慶典!  時間:2016年3月12日,在Somerset DoubleTree Hotel舉行 , 希望大家不要錯過這個一年一度盛大的派對. 到時將有超過二百多人參加, 是一個認識其他CACA 成員的好機會.  而現場托兒有服務, 歡迎大家一家大小一起參加.   希望大家多多支持這個CACA和MJCS 的活動. 門票每人$75元, 派對時間由6PM 到12AM.  請在本週六至學校禮堂購票。

請留意本校網站中的Event,我們將新推出的活動放在學校網站上。 請踴躍報名。

溫馨提示: 如需要關於學校的新聞,日歷,表格或是聯洛資料,請到學校䋞站


3/12 -- ANJCS 卡啦OK比賽在中部中文學校

3/19 & 3/26 – 春假 - 停課

其他校外活動 (詳見禮堂教務處公布欄):

3/6 -- ANJCS象棋比賽在 普林斯頓中校  9:30AM to 2:00PM


  1. 本週六 3/5, 大都會保險將在406教室早上9:30到11:30 為您開辨講座。 講座內容包括以下項目:

    Retirement 401K Rollover
    Estate Planning
    College Financial Planning

    如果您有任何疑問,歡迎在signup Genius 上註明您的問題。 屆時在講座時間內將有專人為您解答。也將提供免費的資訊服務。

    主講人: 大都會保險正式職員 Carol Lee 和 Li-Ching Jung

  2. 新的禮卷將在本週開始售出! 新禮卷是由Asian Food Market 限量提供。請繼續支持購買家長會的Shoprite和Hmart禮券並且可用禮券買您新年年夜飯所需的材料。所有賣出的禮卷金額本校將可獲得5%的捐贈!
  3. 各班班級合照照片已經完成!請至家長會處訂購您孩子的班級合照。 已經訂購的家長請在本週六領取。
  4. 以下是本周美食攤位:
    Asian Wok
    Happy Family
    Hsui Ling Taiwanese Kitchen
    Freshbite Dumplings --  新的供應商將會販售冷凍水餃也有販賣鍋貼 。 請踴躍購買!



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