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Mid-Jersey Chinese School provides Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese language education to central New Jersey. Offering classes for children of preschool to high school ages and adults.


Week 11

Calvin Liu

Dear MJCS Families:  

Please note CSL2, PC1 and PC5 class will have substituted teacher this Saturday. 

Please note Sunday 5/21, CACA Annual Funday will be hosted by our school again!  Same as every year, you will enjoy many programs, fun games and delicious food on that day!  Funday flyer has been posted in school website.  Ticket pre-selling is available this Saturday, 22 tickets for $10 (2 tickets extra) Don’t miss the fun!!

On that day CACA Board-in-Large will elect 5 members.  3 of 5 candidates are from our school as below:

Douglas Chin 陳孝嚴

 Vincent Yang 楊文篪 

 Yulan Brown 王友蘭

Each of our school family member is entitled to vote up to 5 candidates.  Please support our school candidates and vote for all 3 of them!

Please note on Sunday 5/28, a fun even called Passport To Taiwan at Union Square Park, NYC.  It's a once of year event.  The purpose is to promote Taiwan and to attract more people visiting Taiwan:)  On that day, there will be lots of performances including our school student’s “San-Tai-Zi” Dance and many delicious Taiwanese foods selling!  Flyer has been posted in school website under EVENT folder.  We will need some volunteers at the event.  If you or your child can help out that day, please e-mail Yulan Brown at

CACA Summer camp registration is starting!  Flyer has been posted in school website under EVENT folder.  If you have any questions, please contact school Adminstration.

Please note our PC3 teacher Joy Huang is giving free tutoring starting at 11:30am at Cafeteria.  Any students who is interested in having tutoring class, please email teacher Huang at ( before Saturday (appointment only).

Every week we will post lots of activities in the school website under Event and TECO.  Please check our school website constantly. 

Reminder: Please visit our website for Newsletters, Calendar, Forms and Contact information:

Upcoming MJCS activities  

5/28/17 – 國殤節 Memorial Day - 停課 School Closed

6/3/17 – ACTFL Test 家長大會 PTO Meeting 10:30AM ~ 11:30AM

Other Outside Events (see bulletin board in Cafetorium for details):

5/21/17 --  CACA Fun Fair 園遊會 at Mid-Jersey Chinese School (中部中文學校) 12PM - 5PM

PTO News:

CACA FUN DAY - SUNDAY May 21st - 12 pm - 5 pm

Admission is Free, so come and have fun with family and friends.  PTO will be selling 10% discount tickets for food and carnival games this Saturday. Pick up your tickets early to avoid the long lines as well. 

We are still looking for volunteers to help us setup/serve/clean and CONGEE food donation.  You will earn one credit towards your PTO refund for volunteering in this event.  You can bring Congee donation day of event without signing up on sign up genius just in case you decide to make congee last minute.


PTO is asking for donation of new or slightly used toys to sell or use as prizes for the CACA FUN DAY (MAY 21st Sunday) carnival games.   We plan to give out prizes for every ticket sold, so every child winsa prize.  This is a great opportunity to do spring cleaning and declutter the family room.  Please bring all donation to PTO desk.   Thanks again for your support.

2.Stop by the PTO/Admin table to purchase your ShopRite, 99 Ranch Market and HMart gift cards.  5%-6% of gift card purchases goes to the school! 

We also have a limited number of Asian Food Market gift cards for sale, with locations in Piscataway, Plainsboro, Marlboro, Jersey City, Staten Island, etc. 

Thank you in advance for your support!

Class pictures are still available for $5 each

Please stop by the PTO desk and pick up your PTO refund if you have completed your two credits.

Happy Family
Hsui Ling Taiwanese Kitchen
Jen Lee

Best Regards

MJCS Administration and PTO






請注意本週六CSL2, PC1和PC8班將由代課老師教課。

今年中美文化協會園遊會將在5/21在本校舉行!如同往年一樣當天會有很多精彩表演、遊戲和美食提供給大家!傳單已經在學校網站中的登出。園遊會票預售在週六開始。 $10得22張票。


Douglas Chin 陳孝嚴

Vincent Yang 楊文篪 

Yulan Brown 王友蘭

本校注冊家庭成員皆可投票並最多可選五位候選人。 請各位大力支持並投給本校三位候選人!

下個月5/28在紐約市的Union Square Park將有一場非常好玩的活動叫Passport To Taiwan。這是一個一年一度的介紹臺灣的活動。 當天將有許多精彩表演包括本校學生的電音三太子舞!傳單已經在學校網站中的EVENT登出。歡迎當天大家朋友和家庭参加J我們在當天需要一些義工幫忙。如果您或您孩子願意擔任義工,請電郵本校家長 友蘭

中美文化協會夏令營開始招生!所有報名表及資料已經電郵寄出。傳單已經在學校網站中的EVENT登出。 如果有任何問題請向教務處詢問。

實用中文3班胡瑞華老師週六會在禮堂提供免費的中文輔導課。 請有需要的學生在週六前電郵報名給胡老師:( (只接受報名通知)


溫馨提示: 如需要關於學校的新聞,日歷,表格或是聯洛資料,請到學校䋞站


5/28/17 – 國殤節 Memorial Day - 停課 School Closed

6/3/17 – ACTFL Test 家長大會 PTO Meeting 10:30AM ~ 11:30AM

其他校外活動 (詳見禮堂教務處公布欄):

5/21/17 --  CACA Fun Fair 園遊會 at Mid-Jersey Chinese School (中部中文學校) 12PM - 5PM


中美文化協會園遊會在星期日 12pm -5pm



學校目前還在徵求家長當天來幫忙和佈置會場和捐獻美味粥食。 本週六家長會販售預售票,歡迎大家預購以避免當天排長隊。


家長會開始販售大華超級市場的禮券! 5%-6%的捐贈回饋學校!! 大華超市在1號公路上(舊的Pathmark) 是一間新開的大型華人超市,裏面有非常多華人食品及販賣很多好吃的熟食和點心。請繼續支持購買家長會的Shoprite和Hmart禮卷。所有賣出的禮卷金額本校將可獲得5%-6%的捐贈!Shoprite $25 Hmart 和 $20 giftcards 禮卷本校已經賣出了$8,300的禮券!! 我們的目標是$16,000元!希望各位多多支持!

請大家多多支持和購買各班級照片。 每5x7 尺寸只要$5 一張。

請留意,如果您已經得到2個家長會的退費點數並希望能取回$50的退費,請至家長會處辨理。請每個學校家庭自行負責向家長會領取退費,家長會概不負責。 逾期未領的退費將併入學校基金內。

家長會請求家庭踴躍捐贈任何小禮物或玩具給5/21的園遊會活動。 我們計劃在當天將禮物或玩具做為獎品送出。 如果您有適合的小玩意請交至學校家長會處。 謝謝您的支持!

Happy Family
Hsui Ling Taiwanese Kitchen
Jen Lee



教務處及家長會 敬上