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Mid-Jersey Chinese School provides Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese language education to central New Jersey. Offering classes for children of preschool to high school ages and adults.



Jon Lee

  • Welcome back. We hope you all had a wonderful Spring Break. This week is our annual essay and drawing contest. Please remind your kids and come prepared.

  • There will be no Chinese Chess class this week. Make up class will be announced shortly.

  • We have a free Chinese medicine seminar on safe, non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical health management. Please come to Room 406 in the cafeteria at 10:00. You can read more on this weeks’ event page

  • Our MJCS’ East Brunswick’s Relay for life charity team want to thank everyone who donated and supported our bake sale. We raised $130. Last year we were the number one team in East Brunswick and raised over $4,000; we hope to exceed that amount in this year’s fundraising event. Please join us to fight cancer.

  • We are now accepting advertisement for our yearbook. Please help us fundraise by contacting your local businesses and personal contacts..

  • This Saturday,  we will be organizing a bake sale during school hours. There will be cookies, cake and other baked goods. We will also accept any generous donations in the form of either money or baked goods. All proceeds will go directly towards the Relay for Life foundation. Please come out and support this great cause. We hope to see you there!

  • CACA Chinese Culture Camp is open to registration. Space is limited, please submit your application ASAP. If you have any questions, please stop by our admin desk or visit our event page for more information

  • The OCAC/TECO 2019 "Teaching English in Taiwan" program is open to registration.  All Applicant needs to be in 11th grade or higher, and older than 17 (by 11/30/2019). If you are interested, please visit

  • 2019 CACA Chinese Character Recognition Contest will be held on 5/5 (Sunday) 9:30AM at Raritan Valley Chinese School. Students interested in the event, please speak to your teacher regarding registration, eligibility and rules. Follow this link for more information

PTO Newsletter for 4/27/19 

  1. Doing some spring cleaning?  If you have any leftover party favors or small toy trinkets you would like to donate for us to use as carnival prizes for our CACA Fun Day next month, please bring them in this Saturday to the PTO table in the Cafetorium.  Thanks for your donation!

  2. If you have completed your two PTO activities for the year, please stop by the PTO desk in the Cafetorium to request that your deposit be returned.

  3.  Help support the school by purchasing ShopRite, Hmart and 99 Ranch Market gift cards at face value.  5%-6% of all gift card sales will be donated to the school. Gift cards can be purchased in the lobby at drop-off or at the PTO table in the Cafetorium.

  4. Food vendors will be in the Cafetorium lobby from 11:00am-12:30pm.  This week's food vendors are:
    - Domoko Sushi Ramen: teriyaki lunch boxes, ho-fun noodles, ramen soup and sushi rolls
    -Lin’s Palace: Taiwanese specialties, fried fish, soups, homemade Chinese sausages and fish balls



  • 歡迎歸隊!希望大家的春假都過得非常充實、愉快!本週六將舉辦作文及繪畫比賽,請記得提醒您的孩子準備!

  • 本週沒有象棋課。下週5/4補課。

  • 本週將有一場免費中醫講座,探討安全、不具侵略性且非化學藥物控制的健康管理方式。詳情請參照本校官網:

  • 即日起,本校開始接受年刊廣告贊助!請大家協助募款,邀請店家及親友贊助。

  • 非常榮幸,本校是東布朗士美華防癌協會的募款參與單位之一。去年,我們募集了四千美元,今年的目標是超越去年的數字。本週六,我們將舉辦烘培餅乾糕點義賣,請大家踴躍購買!所以收入將捐給美華防癌協會。

  • 中美文化協會主辦的中華文化夏令營開始受理報名。詳情請查閱

  • 由中美文化協會主辦的中文認字比賽將在5/5週日上午9:30分假瑞谷中文學校展開。有興趣參加者,請向教師查詢細節。也可上網查看:

  • 由僑務委員會、教育部、客家委員會、原住民族委員會等合作辦理「2019年海外青年英語服務營」活動報名自即日起開始。報名者必須是11年紀學生,且在11/30/2019滿17歲。詳情請參閱網站(

PTO Newsletter for 3/23/19 家長會通訊

  1. 春季大清理?如果您府上有不用的玩具或禮品的話,請慷慨捐助給學校,在下月的中美文化協會園遊會中當做獎品使用。

  2. 家長會代售ShopRite、漢龍超市及大華超市等禮卡。每銷售一張禮卡,家長會將獲得百分之五到六的回扣、嘉惠學子! 您可在接送孩子時,在前廳或大禮堂中向家長會義工購買。感謝大家對中文學校的愛護與支持。

  3. 如果您已經擔任了兩次家長會活動義工的話,請洽家長會取回押金。

  4. 本週美食攤: Domoko 壽司日本料理、林宮台菜 。